"Everyone dreams of living in Paris" said Natalie Portman.

It is a lot of people's dream and I feel lucky being from and having lived in the "most beautiful city in the world".

For those who hasn't had that chance, it is not too late to pack your bags and go experience "la vie parisienne" (the Parisian life). Some courageous Australian have already pursued and fulfil their dream... For instance, Sharon from Perth who moved to Paris three years ago and Rachel from Melbourne who went to Paris in 2009 and have called France her new home ever since.

Be careful after reading Sharon and Rachel 's testimonials, you might be tempted to buy a one way ticket to Paris.

Perth born Sharon Pendrill

Melbourne born Rachel Bajada


And you, Is it also your dream? If it is, contact me to start learning French and take actions to maximise your chances to live the Parisian life like a Parisian.