Learn to speak French in common situations, use your knowledge and practice French in a fun and relaxed setting in small classes


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Perfect for people wanting to begin to learn the basics of French with the aim of developing an overall understanding of the language (grammar, vocabulary and conversation).

The following topics will be included in the French For Tourists Class Program: Meeting the French: introducing yourself + chit chat, Food: at the bakery, café and restaurant, Shopping...

Note: There is no prerequisite for this course.



A course aimed at anyone who wants to be prepared for practical, everyday phrases with a focus on real life situations in order to have conversations with French native speakers.

Practice your French once a week in a small Conversational French group and talk about : Relationships, Holidays, Media, Fashion/Art, Health...

Note: to join the class, students must have at minimum of French knowledge (can ask and answer basic questions about home, family, surroundings, etc.) or must have completed the 'Tourist' course.

A Maximum of 6 students per class = the smallest classes in Perth!

Whilst other language schools in Perth offer classes to up to 18 students per class (Alliance Francaise - 13 student, MLC - 11 students, TAFE - 18 students), Perth French Tutor offers small classes with a maximum of just 6 students per class. 

Why learn French in a small class ?

It's quite simple really; the smaller the class, the more attention you get and the faster you are going to learn.

1. Students have more opportunity to speak - Large classes make it very difficult for a teacher to answer individual student questions. Smaller classes means the teacher is able to be more attentive to each student and ensures that nobody gets left behind.

2. Students get to know each other better - With small classes you are able to get to know everyone much better, which makes the lessons more interactive. Classes therefore become more fun, relaxed and informal.

3. Students get a better sense of how they are progressing - The teacher can offer individual assistance throughout the class as well as helping you focusing on your areas of improvement to ensure you are getting the most out of the lessons.

Joining one of Perth French Tutor's small classes will ensure you have a much more tailored learning experience, and whilst you are still a part of class you will also learn as an individual. The teacher will get to know you personally and see you progress and grow, and in doing so will ensure every lesson you take will be incredibly beneficial.

More reasons to learn French with Perth French Tutor :

- Native French Teacher from Paris

- Fully Qualified and Experienced Teacher

Fun Friendly Setting

No Registration Fee or learning book is required (Save up to $110).

Affordable and Small Classes


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NO registration fee and NO books required = Save up to $110!


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