Learning multiple subjects at once can be difficult and it is common to bring in some expert help if you find your French level dropping, or simply want to stay on top of your French abilities. Scheduling yourself for additional, regular lessons to practise speaking, writing, listening or reading French will ensure you are always on top of your French skills. You can practice with private lessons or come along with other students, which is not only fun but will also save you money!

Unlike learning French in a classroom, Linda offers customised private French lessons, which not only corresponds to your linguistic goals, but are also tailored to your learning style, your schedule and your location.

University students may also be interested in having major assignments and essays proofread before submitting them, to ensure the maximum result is achieved. Google Translate can be a useful tool, but it does not pick up on the nuances of the French language and indeed phrases can be lost in translation. Linda has a wealth of experience in assisting students studying French as a Second Language (FSL) to successfully submit their work by ensuring that the writing reflects a high level of French proficiency, and that Australian academic conventions are met.

Linda has helped postgraduate and undergraduate students with essays and assignments, academics seeking publication in journals or books, as well as PhD and Master’s students with their thesis.

Please note - Client confidentiality is taken seriously and guaranteed for students, as academic work may contain original and sensitive information.

Speaking the language makes a huge difference to how people relate to you, and the experience that you have of that country. It enables you to relate to people in a different way, and understand vital nuances that are otherwise lost. And knowing something of the language generally means you have at least tried to gain some understanding of the culture and history of a place, which is invaluable whether reporting or going somewhere on holiday.
— Caroline Wyatt

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