The Tutor

Why learn French with Linda?


The Tutor

Why learn French with Linda?


Linda is as French as it gets; She loves baguettes, croissants, cheese and wine. Born and bred in Paris, she has a Masters in Teaching French as a Foreign Language as well as over 9 years experience teaching French to students from all over the world who have come to Paris to learn French from her and immerse themselves in the culture. 

Passionate about her job, she aims to share and foster the love of speaking her beautiful mother tongue to all her students.

She now calls Perth home having moved here with her 'amour' (love) and takes great joy in bringing her passion for the French language and culture to her students in Perth. Fun, bubbly and energetic, she prides herself on making French lessons engaging and relevant to every individual ensuring they come away with the best possible learning experience.

Fluent in English, she will be able to help you advance your understanding of the French language quickly.


Perth French Tutor

Working With Children Check & Police Clearance Certificate

A Working With Children Check and a Police Clearance are a prerequisite for anyone in child-related work. That is why Linda has a current Working With Children Check and Police Clearance Certificate.

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We all learn differently; some people work better with visuals, some by listening to audio, some prefer to learn privately whilst others thrive in a group situation. What makes a French Tutor really worthwhile is by understanding the individual and tailoring every lesson to the students learning style and interests to ensure they get the most out of every single minute and make the lesson worthwhile. 

After having worked with a large variation of people of different ages, nationalities as well as for business, study or simply for pleasure, Linda is expertly experienced in working out the best way to teach her students from the very first interaction to ensure you are not only getting the most out of your lessons, but you are also having fun in the process!



I have a question?


I have a question?


The Courses and The Tutor

Q: Are you a qualified French tutor?

A: Yes, I am a native French teacher from Paris with not only teaching qualifications but extensive teaching experience.

Q: How long are the French language lessons?

A: I recommend a 90-minute session weekly. A 90-minute session is a perfect time to cover a lot of ground. It is ideal for students to be taught new concepts, practice what they have learned, receive feedback, and engage deeply with the subject content. However, 1-hour lessons are available at my premises upon request.

Q: What times are available for appointments?

A: Appointments are available weekdays from 9am to 7 pm, and on weekends from 9am to 5 pm.

Q: Why are your courses so cheap?

A: I have always been passionate about language and learning. As a result, I spent many years living, studying and working abroad in order to live what I love. Having the opportunity to share my culture and language with students from all around the world is absolutely amazing. We learn so much from each other in such a fun way! That is why I believe that language courses should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Q: Where can we meet to start our first session?

A: It is up to you. I am happy to meet at either my house or on Skype.

Q: How long until I can express myself in French?

A: From day one! You will have different opportunities to practice with me what you have learnt through the course. 

Q: What should I bring to my first lesson/every lesson?

A: Students are advised to bring stationary (i.e. pencil/pen, rubber, sharpener) and a notebook. High-school students are advised to also bring stationary, a notebook, the textbook they are using at school and any revisional material that they have been given if they are hoping to prepare for any upcoming tests or exams.

Q: Can I bring my own school/uni homework? 

A: Absolutely. In fact, this is encouraged if there is something you want me to address specifically or tailor the tuition in accordance to. Although I provide resources for free, I am not attached to any particular resource or set of resources. There are plenty of good quality resources available, so feel free to purchase workbooks and bring them in.


Prices, Payment and Cancellation

Q: How much does the tutoring cost?

A: I offer different payment arrangements : Tuition Fees.

Q: What does the lesson price include?

A: My prices include all teaching materials. There are no additional fees or charges.

Q: How can I book my first lesson?

A: You can book your first lesson via the Contact Form on my website, via Email at or on the phone: +61(0) 413 895 364. 

Q: Do I need to book for each session after the first one?

A: Yes. After your first session, It is advise to book and pay for each session beforehand. The best way to secure a weekly booking is to purchase lessons upfront. Lessons are booked and secured only upon payment of the full cost of the lesson and can not be held otherwise.

Q: Do you provide an invoice?

A: I would be happy to provide you with one if you need it.

Q: I need to cancel, what do I do? Is there a cancellation fee?

A: If you cancel on the day or the day prior your French lesson then you will be charged the full amount for your lesson (Cf. Terms and Conditions)Please contact me on +61(0) 413 895 364 to cancel or reschedule your course. 

Q: I would like to make a gift, do you sell gift vouchers?

A: Yes, I do sell gift vouchers. You can purchase as many course as you want. I will sent you your gift voucher via email (PDF file).



Q: Can we do the sessions via Skype?

A: Oui! Skype saves you travel time! It is a great way to overcome the distance barrier, especially when the main focus is speaking, pronunciation, or grammar. Skype session provides a great focus on your particular weaknesses!

Q: How do I install Skype?

A: To install Skype for an online French lesson, simply download the free software from and create a Skype user name. Please note that you don’t need to buy credit to use Skype. Once Skype has been downloaded to your computer, double-click the Skype application to open the program and enter your username and password. Type my Skype name (which will have been emailed to you) into the search box and when you find then click ‘add’. You’re ready to go. When I call you, just click the green ‘phone’ button to answer and start learning French!


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